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My book THE SYNOPSIS TREASURY was published in January, 2015!! After ten years of research and work, this book reveals never-before-seen synopses and story proposals submitted by a diverse range of science fiction and fantasy authors to their publishers. Compiled for writers struggling to understand how to compose a synopsis for publishers who ask for it, as well as genre fans curious for a peek at the "underside" of the novelist trade, this book features work by H.G. Wells, Jack Williamson, Andre Norton, Robert A. Heinlein, James Gunn, Frank Herbert, Ben Bova, Piers Anthony, Michael Bishop, Joe Haldeman, Terry Brooks, Robert E. Vardeman, Orson Scott Card, David Brin, Connie Willis, Janny Wurts, James P. Blaylock, Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson, Bruce Coville, Margaret Weis, Nancy Varian Berberick, Robert J. Sawyer, Sara Douglass, Louise Marley, Roberta Gellis, Ian R. MacLeod, Julie E. Czerneda, Jacqueline Carey, Irene Radford, Judith Tarr, Chris Roberson, and Eldon Thompson... Plus editorial feedback by Frederik Pohl and Damon Knight... And an introduction by former Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Del Rey, Betsy Mitchell.

The Synopsis Treasury

My science fiction screenplay CODE & CREATION (formerly entitled CODE & CHEMISTRY) was
Semi-Finalist in the 2012 Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
(sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, of Oscar & Emmy fame). It was one of 129 best out of 7,197 entries, making it among the 1% best unproduced screenplays in the world according to the Academy, in the biggest screenwriting competition in history until that time. It was listed at

It is a low-budget multifaceted SF script with a blend of satirical metaphors and wit. Most of it takes place on a single set with a single actor, interacting with other characters on "cam-screens."

Exploring the erosion of freedoms by technological isolationism (like THX-1138, MOON or CUBE), the story symbolizes the parallel reality theories of quantum physics against a quasi-futuristic, absurdly dysfunctional environment (like BRAZIL).

In a computerized underground reality, where there is no such thing as "male," women are created in retro-tech habitats and spend their lives in isolation, using machines to create other women in other habitats. But the society is turned upside-down when a man is created by accident.

My tween fantasy novel Faith & Fairies
continues to expand its readership!

Faith & Fairies also circulates Hollywood as a major motion picture screenplay. I'll let you know if anything ever comes out of that.


The G-rated movie I co-produced in 1997, THE FIRST OF MAY, released worldwide on HBO, HBO Asia and HBO Family in 1999, is now on DVD! Starring the late Julie Harris, Dan Bird, the late Mickey Rooney, the late Charles Nelson Reilly, Gerard Christopher, Tom Nowicki, and the late baseball legend Joe DiMaggio in a cameo role!


Read C.S. Haviland's short story "The Reality Division"
published in Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad!

Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad
Mundania Press: 2009 Edition (left)

Marietta Publishing: 2008 Edition (right)

Winner of the 2009 EPPIE!

Read C.S. Haviland's short story "Change" published in
which includes contributions from
Terry Brooks

John Saul
Dorothy Allison

Eldon Thompson
Brian Moreland
Kathleen Antrim
Bill Neugent
John Oglesby

and many others...

Pronto! Writings From Rome
Writers House Books: 2002

Christopher Sirmons Haviland is a graduate of the Radio/TV/Film program at the University of North Texas (1988) and over the years he has received personal training in fiction writing from Lawrence Montaigne, Terry Brooks, Ben Bova, John Saul and Dorothy Allison.

Haviland also works in the digital (internet and mobile) industries, having been among the founding staff of what became (1996-1998), and founded online ad operations departments at (1998-2002) and Questex Media (2004-2009). He was also the Director of Ad Operations at OpenX and the Mobile Commerce Ad Operations Manager for Softcard in Dallas, TX (acquired by Google).

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Did you know?

Chris has worked as an extra (on screen) in the following movies and television shows.

My Girl
(carnival opening shot)
You've Got Mail (scene cut)
The Siege
(end shot in crowd)
seaQuest DSV
(playing an alien in a scene with Roy Scheider and guest star Mark Hamill)
Passenger 57
(playing Louisiana Cop)
Someone Has to Shoot the Picture
(bar scene with Roy Scheider)
The Dream Trap (with Kristy Swanson)
Swamp Thing
(TV series)

Chris has worked as a Stand-in (for an actor) in the following movies and TV shows.

Passenger 57
Psycho IV: The Beginning
(standing in for
John Landis)

Chris has worked as a Production Assistant on the following TV shows.

The Fortune Hunter
The New Leave It to Beaver
Nicholodeon's Super Sloppy Double Dare
No Retreat, No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers


Faith And Fairies